2019 Camper Registration Rate Schedule

Faith Haven Camp, Inc.

This page is for groups of youth & adults belonging to churches or civic groups who have a non for profit status.  (Church  youth group or 4H, Boys & Girl Scouts)

Individual Campers                                          Fee w/o Meals               Fee with Meals

  • 1 night      includes 2 meals                          $46.00                        $64.00

  • 2 nights*   includes 5 meals                          $63.00                       $110.50

  • 3 nights  includes 8 meals                          $79.00                       $156.00

  • 4 nights  includes 11 meals                        $97.00                       $201.50

  • 5 nights*   includes 14 meals                      $113.00                       $240.00

  • Partial day fee:                                    $25.00/person         meal +$25.00/person

  • Price per meal $9.50

  • Ages 5 & under Eat and Stay Free

Group Rate: (**As of June 2019 we will no longer be using the group calculator**)

If your group includes 20 or more campers (including staff and volunteers), then you'll benefit from using the Faith Haven Group Rate Calculator. Please follow these instructions.

  1. Access the calculator at http://www.faithhavencamp.net/calc/index.php
  2. Enter the number of individuals in your group (20 minimum; 160 maximum)
  3. Enter the number of nights your group will be staying (1 minimum; 5 maximum)
  4. Will Faith Haven staff be cooking your meals (YES/NO)?
  5. Click CALCULATE. See the Group Rate and the cost per person.

Family Rates:

  • This registration rate schedule is for groups of individual campers (e.g. youth)

  • For Family Camp or Family Reunion rates go to those rate pages.

Extra Charges:

  • Snacks:   $2.00 each

  • Canteen:  See prices at the canteen (Slushies, Ice Cream, Apparel& Novelties)

  • Soda & Candy machines:  See price on the machine

  • We have space for campers / tents.  Camp use rates are the same as above.  We have an electrical hookup for one camper unit at $12 / day PLUS CAMP FEE.

What to Bring:

Everyone is to bring their own bedding / sleeping bag.  If forgotten, we have a limited number of linen sets available for $8 / set.

NO PETS are allowed at camp for health / allergies reasons.  Guide/Seeing Eye dogs are allowed but must be leashed and cleaned up after. 


DEPOSIT: A deposit in the amount of $750 must be received before the reservation is booked. The deposit is refundable up until 90 days prior to the arrival date.


RESERVATIONS:  Call 218-864-5303 or 888-290-CAMP (2267) or