about us

camp managers

board of directors

Jeff Olson-President

John Kent-Vice President

Sue Duncan-Secretary

Paul Lundequam-Treasurer

Roberta Skibness-Financial Secretary​

Ruth Bakken

Jean Krcma

Art Norberg

Bob Roberts

Stacy Thormondson

Andrew Walberg

Mike Youngblood

Scott and Lisa Larson

Mission Statement

The mission of Faith Haven camp is to promote spiritual growth, Christian fellowship, and the enhancement of youth development.


Faith Haven exists because of the generosity of many beginning with a piece of land and a dream.  Years ago, Jennie Olson donated part of their family farm in hopes it would become a place to introduce kids to Jesus.  Today, Faith Haven is a year round Christian camp facility with youth as the primary focus. The camp is also used by adult groups, congregational retreats, and family reunions. Faith Haven is not associated with any one denomination. We encourage the use of the camp by any Christian organization or denomination that serves consistent with Faith Haven's mission statement.

Why Faith Haven?

Why choose Faith Haven as the location for your next youth camp?  Because Faith Haven is a facilities based camp allowing for facility fees to be less expensive than other Christian camps by approximately 30%.  The fees include the use of all facilities and activities, with the exception of the canteen.  

Utilizing a facilities based camp allows churches to provide their own programming and youth leaders.  Youth leaders can custom design the program activities to meet the known needs of their students.  As a result, youth leaders experience a strengthening of their relationship with their students and there is an opportunity for a deeper spiritual experience.  

Our Staff

​The Faith Haven staff is here to serve you and your group.  Much effort and attention is given to make the camp clean, safe, and functional for your group event.  We are committed to ensuring that your stay will be an enjoyable and uplifting experience. Faith Haven is managed by Scott and Lisa Larson who met at Faith Haven in the Summer of 1985.  After getting married and having children, Scott and Lisa were called to serve in a management/caretaker role for Faith Haven in 2004. Faith Haven is also operated by a Board of Directors consisting of 11 volunteers serving in a leadership position.