How Has Faith Haven Made A Difference In Your Life?

"Faith Haven has made a big difference in each member of our family. I love seeing the light in our boys eyes as they talk about Faith Haven, how the camp has helped each of us grow in our faith, and how we each found a way to serve and give back. Being at Faith Haven helps me to appreciate more of what God has given to us - the lake, trees, all of nature and the community it promotes. Thank you Faith Haven for sharing God's Word and His ways in such a powerful way!"

Lonna C., Alum

"Safe place to gather together for learning, fun, worship, and good food all with abundant fellowship. The men's retreats have been a delightful way to go deeper in my relationship with God as well as making friends."

Eldon W., Alum

"My name is Donovan. I don't remember how long I've been coming here, at least five years. I believe that I have found God here. Since my wife went to be with the Lord, some 3½ years ago, this camp has been a true blessing. Along with friends from church I would not be in a Christian loving family.  I can't explain how wonderful Lisa and Scott have been in a welcoming manner.  I'm not a good writer but this camp has been great...for my grandchildren also.  God bless you."

Donovan S., Alum